Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

Business Insurance

Business Insurance has coverage on all aspects of a business across a number of other types of coverage you can get with the insurance policy. There are general coverage options, such as Business Owners Policy and Commercial Auto, and specific industry coverages, such as Auto Repair Shop Insurance and Coffee Shop Insurance.

Types of Business Insurance

  1. The coverage can protect you from a variety of claims including physical injury, damage of property, personal injury and others that can arise from day-to-day business activity.
  2. The coverage protects from all major property and liability risks in a single package.
  3. Workers’ compensation package against job-related injuries and illnesses in addition to certain medical expenses, lost income, and rehabilitation expenses.
  4. Commercial Vehicle Coverage for certain legal liability due to bodily injury or property damage caused by the vehicles used in your business.
  5. Professional Liability Coverage assists in the protection of service-providing companies and individuals from expense of defending themselves or their company from a client originated negligence claim.

Finding Out the Right Coverage for Your Business

There are various types of coverage on which your business needs depend on. You would like to protect your employees, your business property against damage and lawsuits. Industry, revenue, location, regulatory requirements, business requirements, trade associations, number and type of employees determine the level of coverage.

A business owners policy combines two categories of insurance for businesses, one is liability and the other is property. Instead of having multiple policies to cover real property, insurance for loss of business because of an emergency situation, a small business prefers to combine all coverage into one policy.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal properties under home insurance covers computer, television and a number of home appliances. If they are stolen, destroyed, or damaged, this part of your insurance pays for their replacement or repair. There are a variety of personal property category, so you need to check out the details at the time receiving homeowner’s insurance quotes.

Full Insurance Coverage

An agreement is added protection for property such as a guest house, or an especially valuable item you own such as a wedding ring. An added advantage of this agreement is replacement cost coverage, which pays the full cost of replacing property, not just what the property you own is worth.