Actax Insurance is committed to delivering customer-focused innovation and excellence in our products and services. We provide employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to our goals.


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About Us

Actax insurance, at San Jose, has always lived up to its name by providing the best services in the insurance industry, by finding new and affordable insurance solutions.

Our service includes auto, home, business, health, car, life, renters to name a few. We also strive to protect automobile owners, property owners, and small business owners from their day to day risks.

We started with the main motive of helping the small business to grow steadily and protect their interest.

Our company understands that the insurance business is complicated. That is the reason we appreciate the demands of your time and energy. We efficiently help you determine which of our insurance carriers are a good fit for your needs so that you can be confident that you are adequately protected for your needs.